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Services and meetings are partly possible again. Please check the calendar to see which events take place. The distancing regulations must be observed at all times.

Regular Services

  • Sunday Morning Service at 10.30 a.m.
    • Translation to English / Ukrainian / Spanish available, also online via koinonia-radio.de
  • Wednesday Evening Service at 7.30 p.m.

Information for Ukrainians

Ласкаво просимо до євангельської християнської церкви
Koinonia Calvary Chapel Hannover – у місті Гановері
щонеділі о 10:30 за адресою Herrenstr.8A.
Під час служіння є переклад для українців.
Щовівторка о 18:30 за адресою Herrenstr. 10 ми зустрічаємося для вільного спілкування, молитви за Україну, з музичним супроводом.
Будемо раді Вас бачити!
Хай Бог благословить, береже Вас і Ваших близьких!


Our regular services take place at Herrenstraße 8a. For other events please use the entrance which is depicted in the calendar.

Attention: Odeonstraße and Herrenstraße are one-way streets, you can only enter from the North, coming from Brüderstraße.

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Pastor Jörg Macheil

write to koinonia-gemeinde.de (translate “ to “ to @)

+49 511 – 1614643

Postal address:
Koinonia Calvary Chapel Hannover
Herrenstr. 10
D-30159 Hannover

History Outline

In the beginning of the 1970’s, some young and newly converted christians met in the premises of the Inter-Mission in Hannover. Their goal was to reach people with the gospel, especially disadvantaged groups. They established a tearoom in the Goethestraße, where a lot of people gathered within a short period. Many of those gave their lives to Jesus, others were called into missionary and evangelical ministries, also outside of Hannover and Germany.

Eventually, in 1986 a church emerged from the tearoom ministry (called „Jesus-Treff“ which means „Jesus hangout“) and moved into premises in the Herrenstraße/Odeonstraße. The church was named Koinonia (the greek word for fellowship) and resides there until this day. Since the 70’s, there has been casual contact to the Calvary Chapel movement, which intensified in the beginning of the 90’s. Lastly, in 1992, the church joined the movement.

The congregation grew steadily and in 2007, the rooms finally were too small. After many viewings and a period of two services on Sunday, we moved our service into a nearby cinema. But in 2017 we rented additional rooms in the Herrenstraße so we can have one service in our own rooms again.